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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Personal mentoring

The great thing about the human being is that we can improve our lives by creating new neural pathways in the brain. We can increase happiness, develop resilience, change our frame of mind, and deliberately create new paradigms for ourselves. 
We can face our fears, face our success, increase our potentiality and intentionally cultivate a better life, we don't have to wait for it to 'happen' to us. 
Improving our lives is not so much about making mountains of money - its more about becoming happier, stronger, more creative, inter-dependent and more contented despite circumstances.

Chances are that even though you are intelligent, motivated and independent, you may come across unexpected pitfalls and problems in life that cause you to lose heart, focus or motivation, you are just too busy coping with daily life as it is presenting to you. These can be small, or huge. But the toll they take on you can be slowly eroding, or devastating.

A wide variety of yoga practices, not just asana, gradually strengthen the mind and nervous system helping to systematically reduce fears, addictions/cravings to alcohol, drugs, unhappiness, anxiety, depression, PTSD, unwellness, etc, and increase your behavioural potentiality, which resides in each chakra.

Meditation (all meditation is mindful-based) covers topics such as the body, breath, heart chakra, all chakras, connections with others and should be a part of your personal set of yoga practices which strengthen your nervous system and body. 

Common situations that can be eased and transcended, are:

  • Personal issues solved more effectively with yogic insight
  • Design, plan and implement successful strategies for any aspect of life 
  • Learn how to deal wholesomely with a recurring emotional tensions, problem or situation
  • Discover and change negative, subconscious, habitual thinking or actions 
  • Clarify your goals/desires - see what is blocking you from achieving them
  • Understand how pitfalls, failures and detours are gifts or opportunities
  • Increase your focus, action and playfulness in areas of interest in daily life

There are times when life is overwhelming and it can seem impossible to get out of the situation or pattern of thinking you find yourself in. If you feel you are hitting the same brick wall with the same outcome and are experiences, have the urge to ask the doctor for drugs, or take illicit drugs, or have decided you want to make your way beyond these, then contact me.

While it’s nice to talk to family & friends about your issues or concerns, it often doesn’t help because friends or family may be perceived as biased, or uninformed, or telling you what you want to hear rather than challenging your way of thinking.

YOGIC COACHING is very different to other coaching because it utilises yogic  techniques and yogic wisdoms which have stood the test of time. Practices might include deep relaxation meditation, mindfulness meditation, creative breathing techniques and asanas which make the body and the mind, clear and strong.

Breathe new ideas into the way you live your life. Yoga may be a far more savvy, wise and beautiful creature than you had previously thought.  

Gve yogic mentoring a try.    Text enquiries to 0470 522 593
TEXT me for an appointment. A brief text gives me instant clarity. Personalised yoga addresses body, mind and soul in a very profound way.


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  3. I have been taking Yoga classes for the past 3 months and it has brought about many positive changes in my body as well as in my mind. I feel more confident and relaxed now.

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